ACT Management Services, based in Amsterdam, is part of the ACT Group. We are a niche firm in the corporate services industry and family office business with a strong focus on offering cost-saving solutions & true substance in the Netherlands. Our clients include local Dutch and international stock-listed, non-listed companies together with private individuals.
We are truly independent from banks, investment managers, law and
accountancy firms, this means that we have no conflict of interest in
providing uniquely tailored services. We have established successful professional relationships with all major and reputable accountancy, tax and legal firms in the region.

We not only focus on professionalism and integrity, but we also pay attention to the interpersonal aspects of doing business as well as the art of keeping both feet planted firmly on the ground. This has fostered a special sense of mutual trust between us and our clients. Mutual respect on the one hand, and the willingness to use one another as a mirror on the other, create an open working environment, in which problems and solutions can be faced together.

“We ACT on your behalf”