Why the Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the top 10 countries in the world for doing business


The Netherlands has a strategic location as a business hub and leading centre of trade thanks to its excellent infrastructure and digital highways. It is a gateway to Europe and home to world-class seaports, centrally located airports and an extensive network of roads. It has the 2nd highest quality broadband network in Europe.

Business Climate

The pro-business Dutch government fosters a favorable operating environment through business-friendly policies on customs procedures and taxation. The Netherlands offers a very attractive and competitive fiscal climate, which includes the participation exemption, ruling practice as well as the large number of tax treaties.


The Netherlands is well known for its highly educated, multilingual and flexible workforce. The Dutch working environment is very open, multicultural and business-oriented. The Dutch employees are productive, skilled and constructive.

European Headquarters and Service Centers

Major players in worldwide chemicals industry, companies from life sciences, start-ups to multinational corporations and IT companies serve their customers throughout Europe. International companies from North America and Asia choose the Netherlands to locate their headquarters, data centers, sales and marketing offices and distribution centers.

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